Product Range

CenTraVac™ Centrifugal Water-Cooled Liquid Chillers (MADE IN CHINA)

The CenTraVac water-cooled chillers are designed to lower environmental impact by using next-generation, low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants without compromising performance and reliability.

Technical Specs
  • Capacity Range: 140 to 3950 tons, 60/50 Hz
  • Refrigerant: R1233zd(e) or R-514A
  • Best Full-load Efficiency: 0.48 kW/ton (at AHRI conditions)
  • A Wide Array of Low & Medium-Voltage Starters
Key Benefits
  • Next-Generation Refrigerants
    Trane CenTraVac chillers feature a time-tested and proven low-pressure design utilizing environmentally friendly refrigerants, R-514A and R-1233zd. They provide the safety of low pressure with continued product enhancements in leak-tight design.
  • Economical
    The CenTraVac chiller’s compact size will keep installation costs low, and its efficiency will help reduce electrical consumption (kWh or part load) as well as demand charges (kWh or high load) contributing to low operating expenses.
  • Stable, efficient operation
    The chiller utilizes a direct drive, low speed compressor with a motor shaft supported by only two bearings provided quiet, reliable and more efficient operation. This allows customers maximum flexibility to meet their application needs.