Product Range

Blower Coil Air Handler

A Trane blower coil is a light-duty air handler for chilled water or refrigeration systems with ducted air distribution, it provides a low-cost method of cooling and/or heating buildings for a variety of applications.

Key Benefits
  • Quiet operation
    Variable speed units run at the lowest fan speed necessary and move up and down slowly between speeds. This soft ramp capability means fewer audible changes and a substantial 5-to-8-decibel reduction in system noise.
  • Temperature stability
    Variable speed technology gradually changes fan speed, which reduces temperature swings.
  • Healthy indoor environment
    Indoor air quality (IAQ) is a crucial consideration in HVAC system design. Viruses, volatile toxins, molds and excess humidity impact occupant health and structural integrity. Trane Blower Coil units were designed with IAQ conscious features that facilitate a healthier indoor environment.